What business should I start as a beginner?

Since COVID19 most people lost their job. They struggled to find a job. So today I will tell you some business ideas which can feed your family. And you don’t have to worry to find a job. and it has many benefits. like you are your boss. You don’t need to worry about payment. You can work freely or don’t have a boss who makes a restriction on you.

But the problem is that if someone starts the business then at the very first year his business fall. Why?  

  • The first reason they choose the wrong business idea.
  • Second, they did not pay attention to branding their business.

So here are some ideas of business for a beginner. which helps you make your life easy. But be in your m mind that to run a business you must be patient.

Handmade craft:

You can start this business if you have the skill to made handmade jewelry. If you don’t have this skill then you go to YouTube and watched the videos. Then you can practice and enhance your skill. This will help you to learn this amazing skill. The question is that how you can run this business or sell your services? Let me tell you you can make a store on shopify.com and sell your services. Because handmade craft is really popular among the people and they want to buy it.

Food truck business:

If you love to make food, then this idea is best for you. You can start your food truck business in a very short amount of money. This is your moving restaurant. You can stop your truck in any rush place and sell the food. Through this, you know if people love your food or not. And what is their response to your food?

Cooking classes:

If you think you are a great cook, then you become a cooking coach. You just need to open the cooking center. To run this business, you must run the campaign. Through this campaign, people know about your business.

Dance classes:

If you love to dance, then you can start dance classes. You just need the space of one or two-room then you run this business. Even now you can take dance classes online. Many people set the example who take classes on zoom.

Digital marketing:

This is the era of digitalization. To succeed in your business you must be online. So here is another idea of business that you can become a digital marketer. This business idea is the cheapest and you start it without any investment. Like you just need to learn about digital marketing and start your business. Digital marketing gives you an audience worldwide.

Child care center

Parents are busy with their jobs. So they need someone who can help them to care for their children. So if you love to take care of children then you can start this business. Yeah! It is a little bit difficult business but you can earn. And it gives you relaxation.


Photography is a hobby that we do in our leisure time. If you like photography, then You can start your career as a photographer. If you have an interest in photography. There are a lot of websites that allow you to provide your service related to photography. One of them is Shutterstock. You just need to create an account and then you upload your photo with the price. Even you can use social media sites to sell your services related to this business. Make sure that your pages look amazing and attract people’s attention.

Content creation center:

Content creation is a vastly growing business. If you love to create content, then you can start this as a business. You can create a content agency. But for this, you must create eye-catching content which helps you to attract customers. You can create posts for a blog, write academic articles, scripts, and engaging content.

Interior Designer:

Everyone wants to make their home looks perfect. So they hire an interior designer. If you have an idea of how to make the home perfect. Then you can start this business. Even you can make a page on social media and give the idea of design room, kitchen, living room, etc. now a day it is an effective business which growing fast.


If you are a makeup lover, then you can start this business. You know that people are aware of makeup and they want to look beautiful. So they hire a makeup artist for their grooming. Because everyone thinks that professionals make you perfect and people think they look confident in their complete look. And it is true.

Online tutoring session:

Due to the pandemic, the online tutoring industry is growing fast. Because all the academic center close. That’s why academies give tutoring online. if you love tutoring then you can start this business. You can create a page on social media related to your field of interest. Then you give online sessions according to your schedule. Italki is the best example of an online tutoring session.

Travel planning agency:

You know that it is a hobby of different people who want to see different places. But to travel alone is cost highly. That way people looking for a travel agency which gives them discounts. So you can choose this business as your career. You just need to start an online agency on social media and give offers. then you can get the attention of those people who want to travel the country.


You can choose blogging as your career. It is free of cost and you don’t have to worry


This is the era of freelancing. With time freelancing got recognition and people choose this as a career. So you can also choose this as a career. Because it has a lot of benefits. Like no time limitation, no restriction and you don’t worry about the office environment. Simple you create an account on freelancing websites which are Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer.com. On these websites, you can sell your services and earn a lot of money.

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