Tubebuddy VS Vidiq Which Is Better?

 If you have a YouTube channel, then you already know how SEO important is for YouTube. Because SEO lead channel at a high ranking. So today we will have discussed the SEO tool which is used for YouTube channel. This will help you grow your channel fast. But there is a lot of tool present. How do you know which one is the best? But today we will discuss the two tools Tubebuddy and Vidic. Which one is the best tool for the SEO of YouTube? What is the feature and which one has the best feature?

Comparison of tube buddy and Vidiq:

Here are some features of Vidiq and tube buddy. Because of these features, these two tools differentiate from each other and tell us which one is the best.

Free version:

In the free version of these two tools, you can know how many features these two have.

Tube buddy:

Tubebuddy is the tool for YouTube that provides you SEO of your channel. It has the best free feature which helps your video to gain a high ranking. By using this tool, you can sort the problem of the comment section. The second free feature of this tool is that it helps to find you the best and most relevant keyword according to your channel. And last it provides you the tag which is related to your keyword.


The free feature available in this is two. First, this tool tells you about views per hour. Its means you can see in one hour how many views you get. This helps you to find trending videos. The second feature of this tool is that you can get the free tag suggestion. That helps you to make your video trending.


In plans, you can find the free version and purchases version of these two tools. Because both of them have amazing plans.

Tubebuddy Plans:

Tubebuddy has four very reasonable plans.

  • In the free version of tube buddy, you can get a lot of features. There is almost 15 free feature available on it. You can use them to grow your video.
  • In pro, you can buy 11 more features just for 9 dollars for the month. And these features are also best for your videos.
  • Instar version you can buy 8 more features along with pro and free features just for 19 dollars for one month.
  • In the legend version, you can buy 6 more features. These features are available with all other features. You can buy these features for just 49 dollars for one month. When you explore tube buddy by yourself then you know about it. Because there is more feature available.

Video plans:

Video also has four feature plans.

  • The basic plan is the free version. You can use these features free of cost. But there is a limited feature available for free. These are 3 to 4 features.
  • The Pro version of Vidiq gives you 7 features. You can buy them for 7.50 dollars for a month.
  • In the boost version, you can buy 9 features for 39 dollars for one month. And all of the above features are available in this version.
  • In the boost plus version you can buy 6 features for 125 dollars for one month and all of the free, pro, and boost version features are also available in this version.

Optimization of Video:

Optimization is the process in which you can do SEO of your video. Through this, you can rank your video on top.


Tube buddy gives you the suggestion about the keyword. When you use tube buddy for the optimization of video then it provides SEO score of the video. Tubebuddy gives you the best keyword that increases the traffic on your channel.


In Vidiq you can get the tag suggestion. When you use these tags in your title and description then you improve your video SEO. But this plan is available in boost.

Prevent from demonetization:

If you have a channel, then you want to prevent demonetization. Because if your channel monetizes then you earn a penny otherwise you did not. That’s why your priority is that your channel did not demonetize. It became on top of the ranking and give more vies. So these two help you to monetize your channel.


Tubebuddy tells you which one of your videos is demonetized and on which basis. It tells you the risk able keyword. If you found the keyword which is made your video demonetize then you can edit your video.


In this tool, you also find those keywords which make your video demonetize. And this gives you a suggestion of the best keywords. When you add those keywords then your video again monetizes.



The availability of tube buddy is not only for chrome extension. But it is also available for the Firefox and Safari browsers. You can use three to four browsers. Because sometimes one browser did not work properly.


As Vidiq is an expensive tool so it’s only available on a chrome extension. If you use a chrome browser, then you can use this extension.

Which one is best according to their comparison?

Both tools are the best tool for YouTube. I explore both tools, then you know the difference between them. And you already know which one you want to use for your YouTube. But according to my opinion tube, buddy is the best tool for YouTube. The first beginner did not but the high-paying feature, and tube buddy feature are very reasonable and can easily purchase. Second, in the free version, you can get a lot of features. If you don’t want to purchase a feature, then tube buddy helps you to do the SEO of your channel. Moreover, tube buddy provides you with the best SEO optimization along with keyword tag. That boosts your ranking.

Vidiq and Tubebuddy can be used at one time:

Yes, you can use both of them to do SEO of your channel. These two tools are for gaining more audience or subscribers to your videos, so you can easily use both of them to do SEO of video or channel. This will help you to gain viewsand subscribers to your video.

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