How to write a blog post fast in 2022?

When you want to start your blog carrier, then you keep struggling to write blog posts fast. Because as a newbie, writing a blog post without copy-paste, is a burden to you. Even you did not get time for your sleep or eat. That’s why you must know how to write blog posts fast. In 2022 according to research and after the experience, I know how to write a fast blog post-2022. So here is the structure of the blog post. If you follow these steps, then you would achieve your goal to write a fast and good blog post. And this post attracts more audience and traffic if you follow them correctly.

Know about your audience:

To know about your targeted audience to write a blog post is most important. Because this you always write what your audience wants to read and what is their interest. If you write according to your audience then as result you get more traffic, leads, and get sales. But the question is if someone starts his blog how would he know about the audience?

To know about your blog’s right audience, you must visit your competitor’s blog and understand it. What they post and what people like about it. You think this is an easy step but let me you. This step might be simple when you read about it but when you explore your competitor’s blog then you know it is simple or not.

Mind Mapping:

Mind mapping is really important for a write blog posts. This step is really necessary for both beginners and long-term bloggers. It takes your time for ten minutes and your idea of creating a post is ready. Because it is compulsory to have an idea of what you are going to write? Look if you don’t have any idea or any structure in your mind how could you write without a perfect mind plan. So. For this, you have to write the main topic at the start and then you got the second, third, and four ideas from the first one. Then you draw a map and research them.

Keyword searching:

When you are done with mind mapping then the next step is keyword searching. This step takes only two minutes of yours. To write an amazing blog post you must know about your keyword. For instance, you just create the idea mapping that you want to write about “digital marketing”. So then you write digital marketing in the google search bar and the top three searches are going to be your keyword.

Write an outline:

After researching your keyword then you write the outline of your blog post. This is necessary because it tells you about the sequence of your blog post and you will write your blog post into the flow. These outlines are your heading and subheadings. Because of these headings and subheadings, your content attracts the audience.

First Draft:

You must read 10 articles from google according to your topic this will help you to fill the information in headings and subheadings. Make sure you must not add fluff sentences that make your blog post boring. This will help you to write amazing content and you will know what’s your competitors write on their blog. And then your post leads to the top of the ranking. This is the first draft of your writings.


After completing your writing first draft then you must do the SEO of your writing. Because Search engine optimization helps your blog to rank on google first page. And your blog post must rank on the top of the first page. In this, you must do both off-page and on-page SEO. There are some tools present on google which do SEO of your writing for free of cost.

Add photo and video:

To make your blog post perfect and eye-catching. You must add photos and videos to your content. But be sure that there is no copyright on the visual content. There is some website that provides free photos without copyright. You must take those photos which don’t have a copyright issue. Or if you want to add another blog photo then in the content of the photo you must give the credit to the real owner. For videos, you add them from YouTube via search. Be in your mind your visual content must be related to your topic.

Edit and proofread your blog post:

This step is really necessary to revise your blog post after writing because in this you check your grammar and another mistake. But most of the bloggers doing mistakes in this step. They read it immediately after finishing writing. You should not do this; you must take the rest of a couple of hours then you read or revise your blog post again. This will help you to find your mistake.


If you follow all of the above steps, then you write a blog post for an hour. You don’t need to overthink about writing. Just write what came into your mind related to the topic. Now you are the expert on the blog post and you can provide services related to them.

Extra tips about writing to fats blog Post:

Above are the step of the fast writing blog post. Here are some more pro tips to write a blog post. But for this step, you must have money. You know that money can solve almost all your problems now.

Hire freelancer:

This is the bonus tip for you to get a fast blog post in a given time. If you did not have time for your blog and you are worried about it. Then you go to a freelance website. On freelance websites like Fiverr, up work, freelancer and guru. There is a lot of freelancers who can write your blog post in exchange for money. You have to contact them, set the requirements and create an order. They will deliver your blog post in a given time and their content is SEO friendly.

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