How to prevent copyright strikes?

As you created amazing content and then convert it into an amazing video. But what if something bad happens to your video? Or maybe your video remove from YouTube. And all of your efforts go into the vein. So that is why you should know about the what is copyright?

Copyright means you used other people’s properties without their permission. When your video got copyright strikes it means it has someone’s content that he did not want to allow to use it. But the first thought that comes into your mind is that I did not use anyone’s property. I created this video own myself. And this is for fun purposes. How can this video get the strike of copyright? There are two types of copyright.

Claimed copyright:

Claimed copyright is not harmful to your channel or website. When someone claimed that you used their music or picture. Then you can easily remove that part from the video or you muted the video. Then claimed issue is resolved.

Strikes copyright:

Strike copyright is dangerous for the channel. If you get three strikes, then your channel is deleted from YouTube. When you get a strike then you take down your video that’s the way you can secure your channel. And to make the next video you must follow the terms and conditions of strikes.

Here are some tips if you used them then you can prevent your video from copyright strikes.

Know copyright laws:

This is the first step you must know copyright law and violations. If you know them, you did not post or share someone else property. For this, you must create your video by yourself. The post you are sharing must be written and created by yourself. The content on that post must be yours. You did not copy from other websites. To learn about copyright knowledge then you must visit the policy of the YouTube channel or website.

You have no right to share the file of others:

Yes, if you want to promote your website or content then make sure that the audio file is shared there. Is it created by yourself? Or you have the license to share this file. If yes, then you can share it on your website otherwise not.

Ask of consent:

If it is necessary to add someone’s material or photo to your content. Then you take permission from them to use that is the best way to [prevent copyright strikes.

Don’t share others’ material:

to advance your site or content then, at that point, ensure that you must not share someone else content that makes your website full of lies. Is it truly made without anyone else? Or on the other hand, you have permission to share this document. In that way, you can share it on your site in any case not.

Don’t take no-professionals advice:

If someone doesn’t have experience in creating their content, then did not ask for advice. Because they did not know about it. They just miss guiding you. And this way you may be lost your website or channel. That’s why always contact the professionals. They give you the best advice about your website.

Friends with professionals:

Make a friend of professionals who has experience in this field. They tell you the best ways to prevent strikes. Because they already experience it from their mistakes and their way to prevent the strike is more authentic than others.

Increase the speed of music:

If you want to put music that is licensed, then you increase the speed of music in your video. Through this, you did not get copyright strikes. Because when music speed increases then it’s changed and your video is fresh.

Use royalty-free music:

There is a lot of site present which provide royalty-free music. You need to go on google and write in the search bar royalty-free music. Then you open a website and download from it. And use it in the videos. You can find free music from the YouTube library. In there is present royalty-free music. If you use this type of material, then you did not get any strike.

Use photo without copyright:

To prevent strikes you can use the copyright-free photo in your content. To find this type of photo you need to go google search bar and write the keyword. When the result show then goes to images. Then click on the tool and this shows the usage right. Click on the usage right and select the option of creative common right. This shows you a copyright-free photo. Or you go to those websites which provide free photos.

Amount of copyright strikes you get:

If you get three copyright strikes on one account or website, then you must have lost your account. Because copyright strike policy is really strict. They think you just want to get subscribers from this video and they remove your channel from youtube. So make sure that you did not get three copyright strikes. But there is a difference between copyright strikes and copyright claimed? If you get three strikes, then your channel remove. But you get just copyright claimed then it did not harm your channel. But you have to remove the music which claimed as copyright.


When you put effort to make a video or create content. Then your priority is that you did not get any copyright issue on it. Because if you did a lot of hard work to make that content. Then what is the benefit if you get copyright issues on it? It makes you feel unease. So you must know the way to prevent copyright while making video or content. Today we learn about the ways which help us to prevent copyright strikes or claims. Because if you get 3 strikes on the channel or website. Then your channel can be deleted permanently. Then what’s the benefit of making videos. So you must know the way to prevent copyright strikes. 

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